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  • Methods: Web App , Mobile App and Admin Dashboard
School Management

School website and School Mobile (Android) application
School website may provide generic information to parents about school history, management team etc. whereas a mobile app can help parents keep connected with teachers and administration in real time as per mobile app features. Mobile app is a great way to increase parent’s participation in their child’s daily school activities.

Why School App Is Important
A school mobile app is useful for existing student’s parents by engaging them with real time updates on attendance, homework, exam schedule, results, school activities etc School mobile apps facilitate the parents to participate in the process of learning of their child and understand their uniqueness.

Our school technology platform, with inbuilt mobile app and ERP to connect & communicate with students and teachers. Laaply enables schools to adopt technology in the most user-friendly and cost-effective manner. Our School Mobile App with ERP Features – Laaply is the schools’ need for an easy, scalable and economical solution, which is future-proof and can integrate with upcoming technologies.

Features of the school management system

  • Real time tracking
  • Both Teacher and Parents have separate Apps
  • Manage Student data properly and securely

A dvantages of School Apps
Laaply is a secure mobile app available on Android platform. Laaply App is co-branded with the School, giving the school the desired brand visibility and recall. The logo, name and details of the school will be visible on the app. Laaply App also allows students to view their complete profile on the app.
Each parent/student will get a unique secured and simplified Communication & Transaction Platform for schools. With Laaply, schools get a secure online platform for managing their data along with analytics dashboard. Laaply is a one stop solution for multi-channel communication as it supports bi-directional multi-media communication helping develop a strong relationship between schools and parents.

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